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Select Publications 

Hannah Viney, 'A rose in every cheek: 100 years of Vegemite, the wartime spread that became an Aussie icon', The Conversation, 10 July 2023.

Hannah Viney, ‘“Temper Discipline with Kindness”: Female Officers at the Old Melbourne Gaol and City Watch House, 1845-1935’, Labour History, vol. 123, no. 1 (2022): 97-122.

Hannah Viney, ‘“Actual Political Affiliations Are of Secondary Importance”: Communism and Women’s Entangled Loyalties in the Australian Anti-Nuclear Movement, 1945-1965’, Australian Journal of Politics & History (2022).

Hannah Viney, ‘The “Australian Women’s Weekly” as a Historical Source on Women during the Cold War’, Agora 57, no. 2 (August 2022): 22–25.

Hannah Viney, ‘“With One Voice, One Heartbeat”: The Size of the Anti-Iraq War Protests Has Never Been Matched, but Their Momentum Died Quickly’, Wartime, no. 96 (2021): 58-62.

Hannah Viney, ‘How the Australian Women’s Weekly Spoke to ’50s Housewives about the Cold War’, The Conversation, 8 December 2020. 

Hannah Viney, ‘“Women Are Born Diplomats”: Women, Politics and the Cold War in the Australian Women’s Weekly, 1950–1959’, Journal of Australian Studies 44, no. 3 (2020): 367–83. 

Hannah Viney, ‘Not Lightly Forgotten: The Evacuation of Crete in 1941 Pushed the Men of the RAN to the Limit’, Wartime, no. 89 (2020): 18-23.

Hannah Viney, ‘“So Close and So Real”: The Vietnam Moratoriums Revived a Struggling Peace Movement, but Did They End Australian Involvement in The War?’, Wartime, no. 92 (2020): 40-46.

In the Media

Select Radio Interviews

WA Afternoons with Michael Tetlow, ABC Perth, 25 October 2023.



Melbourne Breakfast with Sammy J, ABC Melbourne, 24 October 2023.

Melbourne Evenings with David Astle, ABC Melbourne, 21 August 2023.

ABC Weekends with Andrea Gibbs, ABC Digital, December 13, 2020.


Women of War Interviewed on 3RRR's Uncommon Sense by Jacqui Baker, December 1, 2020.

WA Afternoons with Michael Tetlow, 25 October 2023
00:00 / 11:07
Melbourne Breakfast with Sammy J, 24 October 2023
00:00 / 08:48
Melbourne Evenings with David Astle, 21 August 2023
00:00 / 15:13
Guest on In Black and White podcast
Old Treasury Building Public History Seminar Series
Women of War Podcast
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