Research Outputs




Viney, Hannah. ‘“Women Are Born Diplomats”: Women, Politics and the Cold War in the Australian Women’s Weekly, 1950–1959’. Journal of Australian Studies 44, no. 3 (2020): 367-382.


Viney, Hannah. 'So Close and So Real': 

Viney, Hannah. ‘Not Lightly Forgotten: The Evacuation of Crete in 1941 Pushed the Men of the RAN to the Limit.’ Wartime, no. 89 (2020): 18-23.

Radio Interviews

Interview with George Maxwell on 3CR Tuesday Breakfast, August 14, 2018 

Starts at 23:07 

Bridging academia and activism with Hannah Viney, XYXLab and city planning through a feminist lens, poetry with Alison Whitaker, and #MeToo in China3CR Tuesday Breakfast

Public Presentations

"It was an Aussie ship which had escorted them home": the Royal Australian Navy in the evacuation of Greece, April 1941. Presented at the Australian War Memorial, February 14, 2019.

Starts at 28:00 

Blog Posts

Viney, Hannah. “How the Australian Women’s Weekly spoke to ‘50s housewives about the Cold War.” The Conversation. Published 8 December 2020.

Interview with Andrea Gibbs on ABC Weekends, December 13, 2020 


Women of War Interviewed on 3RRR's Uncommon Sense with Jacqui Baker - 1 December 2020 

Women of War Interviewed on 3RRR's Uncommon Sense by Jacqui Baker, December 1, 2020