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About Dr Hannah Viney

I am a professionally accredited historian with a focus on Australian twentieth-century history. I hold a PhD in historical studies. My research explores women's anti-nuclear activism between 1945 and 1965 to both investigate women's political history between WWII and the Women's Liberation Movement and to understand more about women's experiences of the Cold War in Australia.


I am passionate about making history accessible to a wide audience. History is far more than dates and names and I believe it is important to make sure we can all see ourselves in history. I enjoy researching and writing the histories that have been forgotten and bringing these to life in an engaging way. I am an experienced researcher, writer, and interviewer.  I have written award-winning academic history, exhibition text, podcast scripts, specialist magazine articles, and general blog posts. My recent work has been used by the National Trust of Australia, the Old Melbourne Gaol, the Australian War Memorial and the Old Treasury Building Museum

I am the co-creator and co-host of the fortnightly Women of War podcastSlightly irreverent, mostly factual, and thoroughly interesting, Women of War profiles different women from wars throughout history to answer the question: what were the women doing?

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